Credibility and quality with 38 years on the market and more than two million m² built.

Sergio Port Engineering operates in the Brazilian market since 1978, creating, designing and conducting large real estate projects, government works, industrial, commercial and infrastructure. From the beginning the company has taken full management procedures of quality and ethical relationship policy with clients, employees, partners, society and the environment.

The large volume of construction carried out and its quality policy consolidated the reputation of a solid company, made with responsibility and innovation that bacame a clear reference of all our work.

Mission: Promote the welfare of all people involved in our work.

Vision: Contribute to the development of Brazil and all other places where we can act.

Values: Commitment to Ethics.
Social and environmental responsibility.
Excellence and economy.
Quality and innovation.


Sérgio Antonio Monteiro Porto

Civil Engineer graduated in 1972. It operates in the sector since 1968, has extensive experience in managing large contracts in segments commercial, industrial, housing and infrastructure.

Your resume shows holdings decisive in the development of the various regions of Brazil, especially the Greater São Paulo Metropolitan Area Vale do Paraíba, Serra da Mantiqueira and North Coast, with many projects carried out in the three largest cities in the region: São José dos Campos, Jacarei and Taubaté.

Business leadership, held positions of great national projection:

  • Current president Seconci-SP. - Social Service of the São Paulo State Construction
  • President of SindusCon-SP. - Industry Union of Civil State of Sao Paulo Building, 1996/98 (reelected 1998/2001)
  • President of ITQC. - Brazilian Institute of Technology and Quality Construction, 1999/2001
  • Vice President of CBIC. - Industry Brazilian Chamber of Construction, Brasilia, DF
  • President of the FPA. - Quality and Productivity Commission of CBIC
  • Vice President Seconci. - Industry Service Building and the State of São Paulo Furniture
  • CIC Deputy Coordinator. - Commission of the Construction Industry of FIESP (Federation of São Paulo State Industries
  • Affiliated to Engineering Institute -. SP joined the SindusCon-SP in 1985 and successively been regional director, coordinator, financial vice president and president
  • Co-founder and president of the Association of Aconvap Paraíba Valley Builders.
Quality Committee

Periodic meetings between the Quality Committee members perform a macro analysis of the ISO9002 Quality System implemented in the company, seeking to quality assurance and improvement opportunities.

Quality Policy Guidelines

  • • Qualify and develop suppliers.
  • • Standardize processes.
  • • Promoting Participative Management.
  • • Train employees.
  • • Defender continuity of work.
  • • Search the company's profitability.
  • • Understand the client and make the best to your satisfaction.
Participative management

Sergio Port Engineering maintains a relationship policy with the company's employees, in which all are free and are encouraged in an open and constructive manner, situations and aspects of internal process flows, subject to improvements.

Business opportunity

With extensive experience in business prospecting and production of large enterprises, Sergio Porto Engineering is available to new investors, partners and entrepreneurs. Considered in the market as a company "open door" to new opportunities, Sergio Porto in housing segments, infrastructure, commercial, industrial and government works.

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Main achievements

More than two million m² of built.

Quality system with periodic audits.

Winner of the Real Estate Master Award.

More than 4,200 apartment units.