Who we are

Since its foundation, November 1978, Sérgio Porto Engenharia – SPE – has accumulated more than 1,000,000m2 of constructed area, concerning industrial, commercial and residential works, among which more than 3,000 are delivered apartments.

Regarding urbanization and infrastructure there are more than 5,000,0002 of benefited areas, among which can be included thousands of unifamily, multifamily and commercial parcels of lots, in the Vale do Paraíba reqion.

AlI the efforts and experience engaqed in the achievements of our works have as a major goal the environmental preservation and, thus, the Quality of Life

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Main Office:

Avenida São João, n° 2375
9°andar • Sala 907
CEP: 12242-000
Phone: (12) 3941-1177